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October 2, 2017

World Business Summit

MUSIAD brought together the world of business at the World Business Summit. Organized on the week of United Nation’s 72nd General Assembly in New York City, the event drew together representatives of various sectors, such as finance, technology, construction, media-communication, and food-agriculture. The Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci, MUSIAD Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan, MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer and numerous senior executives from the business world addressed a speech at the summit. Organized under the leadership of MUSIAD USA, the event hosted speakers and participants from nineteen countries including France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, and Saudi Arabia, along with Turkey and the United States.

MUSIAD Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan began his talk with an emphasis on interaction, communication, and similarities concerning the comparison of New York City and Istanbul being the two large centers of living and attraction of the world. President Kaan, highlighted particular subjects in his talk, including civilizations and behavioral patterns unique to cultures, parameters of new geopolitics, terror and the way it affects the concepts of humanity and faith, diplomacy of trade, perceptions of risk and threat, and changes in the definition and course of the concept of money, and noted:

The world is how you view it!

“It all depends on which window you are looking out from. Is it through the lens of a camera, or with your naked eye through a window that is open? New York is the center of attraction, the meeting hub of this young continent. No one can deny that. On the other end of the lens, there is Istanbul. Of course, these two cities do not border each other. However, geopolitics is now the new transborder force field of the neighborhood. The key word is the trade. All these business people came here to view the world with a naked eye, and not through a single lens.”

Trade does not operate separately from politics.

“We (the business people) are obliged to produce the necessary and similar conditions for living and survival. These are products, services, technologies, and markets. However, the trade does not operate separately from politics. I believe it is necessary to look at the Turkey that appears when viewed from the lens here, from up close, and with naked eyes. The key word is manipulation, which is the new leverage of geopolitics. It is important not to fall for it.”

Trade moves within diplomacy, just like politics does.

Turkey now follows an economic and commercial map that is more selective and more appropriate for its national interests. It is now shaping its domestic economy convenient for its leverages, strengths, and opportunities in the world production atlas. Turkey advocates for the integrity of capital, and not for its diffusiveness. It builds the SWOT matrix in World trade without neglecting its national and religious values. Therefore as MUSIAD, we aim for “50 agencies in 50 states” until the end of 2018 in the United States.

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