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October 10, 2017

Press Release: The visa crisis that has been proceeding in recent days between U.S. and Turkish government



Dear Sir or Madam:

The visa crisis that has been proceeding in recent days between U.S. and Turkish government is what drove us to write this letter. We urge the U.S. and Turkish officials to resolve this problem with a diplomatic dialogue. Both of the countries need to continue economic, cultural, social and humanitarian ties rationally. Our concern is the United States and Turkish economic relations will also be affected by the visa crisis.

The U.S. is currently Turkey’s one of the largest trading partners in the world. Turkey and the U.S. have signed valuable agreements to improve their trading relations. Turkey is a lucrative hub for U.S.’s trading opportunities between Asia and the Middle East. It’s an essential destination to connectivity between those points. U.S. was Turkey’s 5th largest goods export market in 2016. We believe the two allied countries, as NATO members, which have succeeded in collaborative works from Bosnia to Afghanistan, will solve this diplomatic tension with common sense.





ABOUT MUSIAD: MÜSİAD Washington branch mission is to improve relationships between Turkey and the United

States in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics. MÜSİAD is an active and a strong “NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (NGO)” that provides “Platform for Development-Dialogue Cooperation and Solidarity” created to contribute to the social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and technological development for individuals and institutions, our country and society, our region, and the world.

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