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October 4, 2017



MÜSIAD VISIONARY is an activity which operates towards the benefits of the society to improve the expectations and abilities of our entrepreneurs for the future. The first MÜSİAD VISIONARY’ 15 Sectors Summit, organized with the main theme of “Doing Business with the Future”, is a road map for Turkey, one of the fastest developing countries in the world.

The concept of ‘transformation’, which emerges as the most important element of existence in the future, is the main theme of the MÜSİAD VISIONARY’17 Sectors Summit, which we will be holding for the second time between 11-12th of October 2017.

Use the power of transformation!

Our world experiences an endless transformation which continues in an increasing way since the ancient times. From the invention of the wheel to space travel, we gathered much speed and progressed a lot. We took the limits of transformation further with each step. 

In this universe of transformation, which processes each word we say as “data”, it becomes obligatory to conduct in-depth analyses to be able to use the power of transformation. These analyses which come across sometimes as a key, and sometimes as a weapon, in order to make progress in the universe of transformation possible, determine the social and economic future of individuals, institutions and countries. 

MÜSİAD organizes MÜSİAD VISIONARY ’17 , with the vision that our country and businesses will “use the power of transformation” and lead the future in this universe of transformation. 

Under the main theme of ‘New Turkey in the Transforming World’; we will be shaping transformation’s road and information map along with representatives from various sectors and experts in the MÜSİAD VISIONARY’ 17 Sectors Summit, which we will be organizing with the sessions titled ‘Why Transformation?’, What Kind of Transformation?’, ‘Transformation into What?’ ? and ‘Turkey’s Transformation’.

Dear entrepreneurs, This big projection, which we have designed to carry our businesses and entrepreneurs to new targets and our country to the future with new brands, will be an important step in reaching the Great Turkey ideal. Join us, let us take this step together and build the future with stronger steps! 

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