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May 4, 2015

MUSIAD USA Opened Its New York Branch

The New York branch of the Independent Industrialist and Businessmen Association (MUSIAD) was opened with a ceremony. Amongst the participants were MUSIAD chairman Nail OLPAK, Turkey New York general consulate Ertan YALCIN, MUSIAD USA President Mustafa TUNCER, Musiad USA Executive Director Ibrahim UYAR, Gaye ERKAN First Republic Bank Senior Vice President, Musiad USA Board Members, including Omer ER, Cetin GUZEL, Levent Ali YILDIZ, Muharrem ATALAN, MUSIAD corporate board members Fuat TOSYALI, Yunus AKSU, Alper ESEN, Serdar YESIL and MUSIAD members in general.

‘Despite the crises, Turkish Economy holds its stability.’

During his speech at the opening, MUSIAD chairman Nail OLPAK, emphasized on the importance of Turkey’s economic stability in spite of the conflict and economic crisis surrounding the country. Despite the issues experienced in neighboring countries, OLPAK indicates that the Turkish economy has maintained its strength and stability. He says; ‘Even though Turkey’s growth rate was below expectation last year, when compared with regional economies and Eurozone, Turkey has displayed an outstanding performance.’

‘Our trading figures with America are not even close to what they should be’

Stating that they had opened the MUSIAD head-office in Washington last year, OLPAK pointed out that after New York they are now planning on opening branches in San Francisco and Boston. He said that; ‘Although Turkey and America have been closely allied for years, Turkey’s export to USA is 6,3 billion dollars compared to Turkey’s import from USA which is 12,7 billion dollars. These figures are not even close to what they should be.’

‘MÜSİAD contributes to Turkey’s goals’

In his speech, by indicating that the collaboration of Private Sector and Commonwealth will fulfill important tasks in New York, Turkey’s New York General Consulate Ertan YALCIN congratulated MUSIAD for its contribution in Turkey’s goals by laying emphasis on the union of Turkish society.

‘We are planning on bringing together representatives of the different sector in US.’

Noting that there is no other businessmen association in other parts of the world which can give the same extent of services as MUSIAD, Mustafa TUNCER the president of MUSIAD USA, said in his speech that their operations in USA aim to bring together representatives from different sectors.

Following the speeches, with the participation of restaurant and catering company representatives in and around New York, sector issues, innovations and opportunities were evaluated at the ‘FOOD&RESTAURANT SUMMIT’

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