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February 16, 2018

MUSIAD USA Consulate and Turkish Airlines Visit

MUSIAD USA visited the Turkish Consulate and Turkish Airlines office in Miami following their meeting with local business persons.MUSIAD USA initiated their objective of holding “50 representatives in 50 states” with a trip to Miami, which began with the appointment of a new chair to the association, Abdurrahman Kaan.MUSIAD USA’s visit to Miami commenced with a session consisting of 50 local businessmen and women followed by a dialogue with the Turkish Consulate General, Burç Ceylan. The meeting was led by the president of MUSIAD USA Mustafa Tuncer and included members of the board namely Murat Güzel, Berker Hazar and Yavuz Orta.

MUSIAD USA thereupon visited the Turkish Consulate in Miami, where Burç Ceylan gave a brief speech about the Turkish society in the city.Ceylan talked about the population in Miami pointing out that the city is growing and has great potential for new business opportunities, giving reference to Amazon, since Miami happens to be one of the location options for Amazon to open its headquarters.“Miami is a great place for Turkish construction companies,” said Ceylan, adding that, there are many Turks already investing in real estate in the city.

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