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February 1, 2017

Musiad USA attended to Musiad Expo 2016

          Musiad USA President Mustafa Tuncer, Executive Director Ibrahim Uyar, Musiad USA New York Representative Yavuz Orta, Board of Director Mustafa Albayrak and Executive Assistant Hayal E Ozer attended to Musiad Expo 2016. MUSIAD USA displayed the books and brochures of the members at their stand. Many of the participants stopped by the MUSIAD USA stand to obtain more information about the US market. Our Executive Assistant Hayal E. Ozer was an active part of the fair, and she was available to provide answers to the questions of the visitors that stopped by the MUSAID USA stand. During the fair, MUSIAD USA members had a chance to interact with people in business from the globe. President Mr. Mustafa Tuncer and Executive Director Ibrahim Uyar encouraged the investors to come and experience business in the US first hand.

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