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November 25, 2015

MUSIAD SAKARYA Trade Delegation visited Turkish Embassy in Washington DC

In November 20th, 2015, Musiad USA in collaboration with MUSIAD SAKARYA organized a trade mission to USA. Musiad USA’s President Mustafa Tuncer, Musiad Sakarya’s President Ahmet Genc and Musiad USA’s Executive Director Ibrahim Uyar and the trade delegation visited H.E. Mr. Tugay Tuncer, Deputy Chief of Mission Turkish Embassy in Washington DC.

During the visit Deputy Chief of Mission Turkish Embassy Tugay Tuncer gave the opening remarks and welcomed the trade delegation. He emphasized the importance of trade delegations and said “We have to increase the number of national participants in international fairs, general and sectoral trade delegations and buying missions in target markets. We, also, have to implement sectoral and country based diversification strategies in export composition. We are ready to assist in this process to the best of our ability.”

MUSIAD USA’s President Mustafa Tuncer said “I would first like to thank Mr. Tugay Tuncer and Mrs. Omur Demir Kizilaslan for hosting Musiad Sakarya Trade Delegation at the Turkish Embassy. We are happy to work with the Turkish Embassy because they are ready to meet our needs whenever we need their help. They are also providing their services in resolving our problems during events such as trade delegations, B2B arrangements etc. We, as MUSIAD USA, are ready for making the necessary arrangements to improve the US-Turkey economic relations when Turkish companies want to sell their products in US market.

MUSIAD SAKARYA’s President Ahmet Genc stated that “Our main aim in organizing this trade delegation was to expose our members to the US market and its conditions. Arranging this trade delegation broadened our horizon.  I believe we accomplished this mission and our members are more confident in coming to the US to sell our products.”

After the meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission Turkish Embassy Tugay Tuncer, trade delegation met with Turkish Embassy Commercial Chief Counsellor Omur Demir Kizilaslan. Commercial Attaché Mrs. Tuba Hatipoglu gave a brief speech and reviewed the current conditions of the US-Turkey economic relations. MUSIAD USA member Saltzman & Evinch Law firm owner Gunay Evinch and partner Efe Poturoglu,  were invited to inform the visiting delegation about subjects regading business law, immigration law, and types of cross border litigations, tax, real estate and financing based on their experience with their international clients. At the end of the meeting, MUSIAD SAKARYA President’s Ahmet Genc presented a gift to the Deputy Chief of Mission Turkish Embassy Tugay Tuncer Chief Commercial Counsellor Omur Demir Kizilaslan and Saltzman & Evinch Law firm owner Gunay Evinch.

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