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May 4, 2015

MUSIAD President Nail Olpak visited MIT Turkish Student Association

MUSIAD President Nail OLPAK, Musiad USA President Mustafa TUNCER, Consul General of Boston Omur BUDAK, Musiad USA Executive Director Ibrahim UYAR, Commercial Attaché of Boston Alperen Kacar and MUSIAD USA board members met with Turkish MIT student association members.

Mr. Nail OLPAK listened to the challenges that MIT students were faced with. Turkish researchers and students currently studying in MIT cited serious concerns, including too much bureaucracy. Students stated that politics interferes too much with academia, and even “dominates all aspects of life”.

Another issue of concern is the expected teaching load. Faculty members are expected to teach 30 to 40 hours per week to earn a high salary in Turkey. Thus, many complain that they cannot find time to even think of doing research. Moreover, small class size is a luxury in Turkey. Despite the acknowledged drawbacks, a great number of those who do return do so for family reasons, cultural ties and lifestyle preferences.

He reassured the students that he would deliver their concerns to the appropriate authorities. He responded to student concerns by saying MUSIAD will support the increase of partnerships with academia-industry. The discussions were followed by a reception.

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