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June 9, 2016


MUSIAD President NAIL OLPAK met with Successful Entrepreneur FRANK ISLAM

MUSIAD President Nail Olpak, Musiad Vice President Fuat Tosyali, MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer, Executive Director & VP Ibrahim Uyar, Board Member and DTIK America Region President Omer Er, Board Members A. Cetin Guzel and Mustafa Albayrak met with successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic leader and thought leader Frank Islam in its Potomac mansion known as Norton Manor.

Mr. Olpak informed Mr. Islam about the recent political and economic developments in Turkey and the upcoming MUSIAD Expo which will be held in Istanbul on November 9-13, 2016. Mr. Islam shared the recent developments about the upcoming Presidential Election and his vision for United States.

At the end of the meeting President Nail Olpak and delegation presented a gift to Mr. Frank Islam.


Frank Islam is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic leader and thought leader with a special commitment to civic, educational and artistic causes.  He currently heads the FI Invest Group a firm that he established after he sold his information technology firm, the QSS Group in 2007.

Frank serves on number boards and advisory councils including the Kennedy Center Board of Trustees, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the Brookings Institution.  He also serves on various boards and councils at more than half-dozen universities including Johns Hopkins, University, American University, and George Mason University.

Frank has written two well regarded books on the American condition, Working the Pivot Points:  To Make America Work Again (2013).  Renewing the American Dream: A Citizen’s Guide for Restoring Our Competitive Advantage (2010).


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