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June 9, 2016

Doing Business in the USA

MUSIAD Organized “Doing Business in the USA” Panel in ISTANBUL, TURKEY

MUSIAD organized “Doing Business in the USA” panel to increase partnership between Turkey and USA. Larry Farris, Commercial Counselor at US Embassy, Neil Pickett, US Istanbul Consulate General Commercial Attaché, MUSIAD USA Board member and DTIK America region President Omer Er, MUSIAD USA members Attorney Mehmet Baysan, Attorney Ayhan Ogmen and Attorney Mehmet F. Polat attended this event as a guest speaker and shared their knowledge and experience with the audience.
Umit Kiler, Vice President of MUSIAD gave a keynote speech and stated that “As of 2016, the USA still preserves the title of ” world’s greatest market” and it is the fifth most important export market for Turkey”. Another point that was highlighted in the panel was the importance of franchising. It was indicated that the firms’ intent to invest in the USA first should determine where they can market their products after consulting with a lawyer and accountant. Larry Farris, Trade attaché of United States Embassy of Ankara said; “The Embassy provide consultant service for the firms that want to enter the American market. Farris also stated that “We involve in field work and provide consultation service for the resolution of problems that may occur abroad. We match the entrepreneurs with the right persons and organize meetings for them. We have international purchasing programs. We are open for all sorts of investments and cooperation.”


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