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July 5, 2016
MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer and MUSIAD USA Executive Director & VP Ibrahim Uyar attended Muhammed Ali’s funeral on June 9, 2016. The funeral attendees included the Ali family, world and religious leaders such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Hamza Yusuf and Turkey's religious affairs president Mehmet Gormez. The Turkish President Erdogan attended the … Continue reading Musiad USA attended Muhammed Ali’s Funeral
November 18, 2015
Chief Commercial Counselor Omur Demir Kizilaslan and Commercial Counselor Tuba Hatipoglu will brief the MUSIAD SAKARYA trade delegation about US-Turkey economic relations. Doing Business in the United States: Corporate, Employment, Operations and Immigration Matters This event will help assist all types of companies thinking of entering the U.S. market. Participating companies and business people will … Continue reading Economic Relations between Turkey and United States of America
October 6, 2015
MUSIAD USA TRADE SEMINAR SERIES-3 “REAL ESTATE and BUSINESS LITIGATION”   With Mehmet BAYSAN-William E. Gens Law Offices November 23, 2015 Monday Education and Licensing Attorney Mehmet Baysan earned his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School with distinction in international law. While at Suffolk University, he received the Jurisprudence Award in Environmental Law. He … Continue reading MUSIAD USA TRADE SEMINAR SERIES-3 / Date: November 23, 2015
October 6, 2015
MUSIAD USA TRADE SEMINAR SERIES-2 “Employee, Employer and US Immigration Rights for Foreign Investors and Workers”   Ayhan Ogmen is a U.S. licensed attorney and he is the founder of OGMEN LAW firm. Mr. Ogmen obtained his law degree from Marmara University (LL.B Faculty of Law) in 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2007 Mr. Ogmen … Continue reading MUSIAD USA TRADE SEMINAR SERIES-2 / Date: October 21, 2015