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  • Address: 1025 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20036
  • Email: info@musiad.us

About Us



MÜSİAD has launched its Washington, DC office in
August, 2013

MÜSİAD USA is businessmen and industrialists in the US, sharing similar overarching principles with MÜSİAD TURKEY, in developing economic relations between Turkey and the U.S in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics.

MÜSİAD has launched its Washington, DC office in August, 2013 to extend its mission to the United States of America. The corporation is organized and operated exclusively for business leagues purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Textile & Leather, Energy, Construction & Environment
  • Building Materials, Service, Machinery, Retail, Metal & Mining
  • Logistics, Automotive, Health, Food, Agriculture & Livestock
  • Durable Goods, Furniture & Forest Products, Consultancy & Education
  • Information Technologies


The vision of MÜSİAD USA is to improve relationships between
Turkey and the United States

in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics. To accomplish its mission, MÜSİAD USA organizes business trips, conferences, and seminars in the United States.

One of the most valuable assists of MÜSİAD-US is it being the offspring of an established association in Turkey. Cruising through various economic and political paradigms in the last four decades, MÜSİAD offers a solid presence for businessmen in Turkey and in the World that they can count on.

Being established in a new continent, in a new culture and new business environment, MÜSİAD-US will be another step in diversification of MÜSİAD family. The truthful business culture and ethics fostered ad MÜSİAD since its inception, is believed to attract its counterparts in US and in the world. Or is believed to be the common ground in its expansion.



  • To increase the number of members sharing common values and principles, to develop solidarity among our members and to contribute to spiritual and material development of our country with the spirit of unity we have a showing within the organization, while being an independent and non-aligned businessmen’s association on domestic and international scale.
  • To retain our independent structure domestically and internationally, by respecting the history, culture and identity of our nation and universal values in particular.
  • To work toward assisting our country with its development process in attaining the level of developed countries, and to conduct activities to create a competitive economic environment within this context.
  • To be against the unfair even if he is strong, and to be with the rightful even if he is weak.
  • To produce steady and useful projects, taking into consideration the resources of the country and the needs of humanity; to fulfill our share of duty in the implementation of such projects.
  • To adopt free business initiative principle and to support and spread entrepreneurial spirit in all areas of economic life.
  • To assist our members in expanding their businesses, and to ensure the information flow that will enhance their competitive power in the domestic and international market and maintain their development trend within this context.
  • To pioneer realization of production that will be effective on global scale, by bringing the financer, producer and the project owner together.
  • To adopt respect for international standards and environment as an institutional principle, depending on high technology and production.


Major Activities

Organizing trade delegation visits to foreign countries.

Organizing international trade fair bi-annually.

Hosting the headquarters of and contributing to IBF-International Business Forum.

Searching and promoting new tempting markets.

Publishing country and sector reports, researches on economic and social issues.

Disseminating information via publications and website portals.

Networking its members among themselves and with overseas companies via several activities.

Providing educational and professional seminars to enhance the competitiveness of its members.

Organizing B2B meetings for overseas business delegations with matching members.