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Since its inception, is believed to attract its counterparts in
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The vision of MÜSİAD USA is to improve relationships between Turkey and the United States in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics. To accomplish its mission, MÜSİAD USA organizes business trips, conferences, and seminars in the United States.




MÜSİAD, established in 1990, is an active and strong “non-governmental organization” that provides “platform for development, dialogue, cooperation and solidarity” created for the purpose of contributing to the social, cultural, political, economic, scientific and technological development of individuals and institutions, our country and society, our region and the world.

  • To resolve problems between the U.S. and Turkey in trade, political, socio-cultural, and economic relations.
  • To increase trade between the U.S. and Turkey.
  • To organize trade and investment delegations to the U.S. and Turkey.
  • To organize buiness meetings, conferences, seminars, business trips both in the U.S. and Turkey to exchange information and knowledge.
  • To Provide opportunities for its members to interact with other businessmen in their fields.
  • To support economic growth and prosperity in the U.S. and Turkey.
  • To create awareness of issues faced by American and Turkish Businessmen and work to resolve them.
  • To identify, research, develop and deliver key messages concerning issues directly affecting U.S.-Turkey commerce.
  • To develop action-oriented networks to promote partnership.

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MÜSİAD USA is businessmen and industrialists in the US, sharing similar overarching principles with MÜSİAD  TURKEY, in developing economic relations between Turkey and the U.S in trade, politics, socio-culture, and economics.

MÜSİAD has launched its Washington, DC office in August, 2013 to extend its mission to the United States of America. The corporation is organized and operated exclusively for business leagues purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.